Home blank for beaker dagger produced by John Sharp on a workshop  New ornamental flushwork on the church porch at Gt Witchingham  A sample of random knapped flint for architectural use Tools made from bone & antler
William Lord, is back from a successful hunting expedition!
If you ever go to Ireland, make sure you visit this site. 'Spectacular!'
A small, cave-bearing gorge in Derbyshire's limestone-landscape, survived the ravages of the last Ice Age to become what is now known as Creswell Crags. The cave walls at the Crags have been the subject of recent scrutiny, and engravings that date back to the Old Stone Age have been discovered. These exciting finds are the first, and so far the only known examples of cave art in Britain.
The Kilmartin Valley is peppered with well preserved Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments, and the Kilmartin House Trust has won countless awards for the provision of a brilliant, local interpretation centre.
Kilmartin House shines like a gem in Argyll, and has set a new presentation precedent within the World's Museum Service.
Increase your awareness! A Ray Mears course is an experience not to be missed!
But you will miss it if you don't get your name down soon: There has long been a waiting list!
A Great place to stay
Neil Burridge, is a specialist in reproducing bronze age artifacts using authentic materials and methods. Throughout the year, Neil runs a series of practical workshops at interesting venues nationwide.
Get kitted out for the past!
Alternative Rock Business!
Archaeological & Historical Booksellers.
Take a look!
A very thorough outdoor learning experience!.
Craig Ratzat - Flint knapper & supplier of knapping equipment.
Inspired by nature!
You'll get no closer to nature that this!
'Stone me!'
Learn to drive your way out of the stone-age! (01366 328262)
'A great connection in Wales!'


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