A last look at Lynford

Home blank for beaker dagger produced by John Sharp on a workshop  New ornamental flushwork on the church porch at Gt Witchingham  A sample of random knapped flint for architectural use Tools made from bone & antler

Panoramic view of 2002 excavation

Neanderthal excavation site - now landscaped and floodedBreached baulk

In January 2004, the site of the Neanderthal excavation 2002 (top), was landscaped and flooded. On the photograph to the left, the red spot marks the approximate location of the famous area that is now under several feet of water. The baulk between this excavation and the adjacent pit has been breached, which has allowed all the pits at Lynford to balance their water levels with the river Wissey.

Fresh, eastward, narrow spit gravel excavation

Quarrying techniques at Lynford 2004, have been refreshed. The current aim is to continue by excavating narrow spits that will only require drainage while work is in progress. Unofficial reports state that gravel deposits in an easterly direction have less depth, therefore commercial quarrying at Lynford may not be viable for very much longer. Gravel extraction sites for the time remaining, are to be back-filled and landscaped rather than flooded.

The quality of the remaining gravel is excellent, and top quality 'Brandon series' flint is more abundant than ever. Lithics that resemble finds from the 1970's - 1980's, i.e. slightly rolled and patinated, although scarce, are still coming from the now enormous reject heap.

An interesting flake-core from the reject heap 2004

Val spots a broken  handaxe

Val never lost her ability to spot handaxes, even at dusk! Here Val picks up a small handaxe that has been badly damaged by the gravel grading process. Thursday evening, 22nd July 2004.

Side 1: small broken handaxeSide 2: small broken handaxe

The Lynford gravel extraction ended at Christmas 2006. Below: See Lynford landscaped and replanted as a 'Forest Enterprise Nature Reserve'.

Lynford now - October 2007

Lynford now - October 2007

The End