Home blank for beaker dagger produced by John Sharp on a workshop  New ornamental flushwork on the church porch at Gt Witchingham  A sample of random knapped flint for architectural use Tools made from bone & antler

Harpoons,Arrows and Arrowheads

Harpoons, Arrows and Arrowheads

Type Price
Foliate 12
Petit tranchet 10
Barbed & Tanged 15
Mesolithic assemblage 12

Arrows & Harpoons
Type Price
Complete fletched arrow (any point) 90
Antler harpoon point 120
Complete harpoon (with link cordage) 500

Complete Neolithic Axe

Axes, Adzes and Handaxes

Type Price
Neolithic axe-head (flaked flint) 30
Neolithic tranchet adze-head (flaked flint) 30
Handaxe (any type) 30

Any above hafted in wooden handle: Add 100

Utility Tools

Type Price
Scraper 5
Burin 5
Backed blade 5
Plano-convex knife blade 30

Spears, Daggers, Special assemblages & bone/antler items

Solutrean Point
Type Price
Spearhead (Solutrean point) 200
Beaker dagger 120
Composite blade segment sickle in wooden handle 200
Re-fitting blade core 80
Axe-head/handaxe with re-fitted debitage 200
Bone/antler needle or fish-hook 45
Bone awl 20

We can provide many more items than those listed, and we will be pleased to quote separately on replications not shown above.

Discounts will be given on quantitive purchases.

To Order:

All shop items may be obtained by sending a cheque or postal order, along with your own postal address, to:

John Lord.
The Old Mill House,
Chalk Row Road,
Kings Lynn,
PE33 9BW.

You will be advised by e-mail or post, when to expect delivery.

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