Achitectural flintwork courses

Home blank for beaker dagger produced by John Sharp on a workshop  New ornamental flushwork on the church porch at Gt Witchingham  A sample of random knapped flint for architectural use Tools made from bone & antler

Restoration at Gt Witchingham, Norfolk.

Restoration to masonry and flintwork

Building contractors would benefit by sending one or more respected employees to train as architectural flint knappers. The essential technologies can be taught to trainees within the space of just one day, and if trainees then put these newly learned skills into practice on a regular basis, then the standard of both restoration and new work will improve nation-wide.

Skillfully applied flint facings can give new properties a real touch of class.

Flushwork applied to a newly built property

A new property at Saham Toney

An extension to Kelling Hall

Rectangular flints and 2" brickwork, coursed to match existing property.

An extension to Kelling Hall

Architectural Workshops

One to one architectural flint knapping workshop

Norman Ashton

Norman, pictured here at a quarry, is coming to terms with the striking angles required for the production of architectural flints.

Four to one architectural flint knapping workshop

Mark Spriddell, Adam Spriddell, Leon Spriddell & Darren Spriddell

Mark, Adam, Leon and Darren are seen here having their first experience at producing random knapped flints at a quarry. "They all did extremely well".

One to one architectural flintknapping workshop

Andrew Hunter - (Fred)

Fred produced these fine pieces of flushwork after a successful morning at the quarry making randon knapped flints.

Two to one architectural flintknapping workshop

Jim Castle & Dale Rollings

Jim & Dale had no trouble at all with their production of flushwork and random faced flints, and they even had time to have a go at handaxes.